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Maker's Pier is a hands-on craft park located at Kinjo Pier in the Minato Ward of Nagoya City. It opened in conjunction with the launch of LEGOLAND Japan. Within the park, there are shops where you can experience activities such as pottery and making food samples. Additionally, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, and shopping outlets. If you're going from the Kinjo Pier parking lot to LEGOLAND, you will pass through the Maker's Pier grounds. This article will introduce the restaurants and shops located in Maker's Pier.

For a comprehensive overview of the entire LEGOLAND Japan, please refer to 「Highlights and access methods of LEGOLAND Japan (Aichi Prefecture)」.

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What is Maker's Pier?

Maker's Pier is a craft-making experience park. There are various shops within the premises where visitors can engage in hands-on craft-making activities.

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Additionally, Maker's Pier is located between the Kinjo Pier parking lot, which is used when visiting LEGOLAND Japan, and the entrance to LEGOLAND itself, serving as a walkway from the parking lot to LEGOLAND Japan. Besides shops for craft-making, the premises are lined with numerous restaurants and shops. There is no cost to pass through Maker's Pier.

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Within the site, aside from the craft-making experiences, there are many establishments where you can dine, enjoy a coffee, or shop.

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Since Maker's Pier is adjacent to LEGOLAND Japan, it is convenient to use the restaurants there before entering LEGOLAND or after leaving. However, it's important to note that Maker's Pier and LEGOLAND are operated by separate entities and are not affiliated with each other.

If you enter LEGOLAND with a regular 1DAY Passport, please be aware that re-entry is not permitted. This means you cannot exit to dine at a restaurant in Maker's Pier for lunch and then return. If you have a Combo 1DAY Passport for LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE, you can re-enter LEGOLAND once after exiting (since SEA LIFE is located outside of LEGOLAND). If you have an Annual Passport, you can re-enter multiple times.

Restaurant & Cafe

Let me introduce you to some of the restaurants and cafes at Maker's Pier. Please note that some establishments may only be open on weekends and holidays, and some may have limited operating hours, so it's recommended to check in advance.


MILKISSIMO is a shop where you can enjoy gelato and crepes.

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B cafe

B cafe offers a variety of dishes, including pasta and gratin. They also have an extensive selection of drinks.

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Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya is a place where you can enjoy curry. You can customize your order with various toppings and choose the level of spiciness for your curry.

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At MATSURI, you can enjoy treats like warabi mochi drinks, squid yaki, and grilled corn.

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Tea Lounge ROMAN

Tea Lounge ROMAN is a tea shop that offers a wide selection of teas, as well as treats like candied strawberries made with fresh strawberries.

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Taiwan Meicha Sure Cha

Taiwan Meicha Sure Cha provides a variety of drinks and light meals made with tea leaves imported from Taiwan and tapioca.

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Maker's GRIDDLE is a place where you can enjoy various dishes cooked on an iron griddle, including meat and seafood options.

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Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu

Beef Cutlet Kyoto Katsugyu is a restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of dishes featuring beef cutlets.

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Washoku Mendokoro Sagami

At Washoku Mendokoro Sagami, you can enjoy dishes featuring soba and tempura, as well as various dishes known as Nagoya cuisine.

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Pizzeria Marino Bambina

Pizzeria Marino Bambina offers Italian cuisine, including pizza and pasta. Additionally, this restaurant provides an experience where kids can try their hand at being pizza chefs.

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Gottie's BEEF

Gottie's BEEF is a restaurant where you can savor meat dishes made with aged beef.

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THE MATSUKASA is an izakaya, which typically operates from evening to night.

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Tori Nanaya / Takoyaki Baby's

At Tori Nanaya / Takoyaki Baby's, you can enjoy chicken wings, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakisoba.

Restaurant & Cafe: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(34)

Fujiyama 55

Fujiyama 55 is a ramen specialty store. You can eat ramen, mazesoba, tsukemen, etc.

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VALORE & kinoco.

VALORE & kinoco. is a cafe where you can enjoy drinks made with additive-free herbs. There is also an organic shop attached. At this shop, you can also try your hand at making your own original bath salts using natural salt and your favorite scent.

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&ANTIQUE is a bakery that operates nationwide. The inside of the store is a cafe where you can enjoy purchased bread and drinks, as well as lunch sets.

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Sapporo Ramen Menya Hanamichi

Sapporo Ramen Menya Hanamichi is a ramen specialty store. You can have Sapporo ramen.

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Korean Kitchen MOGOMOGO

At Korean Kitchen MOGOMOGO, you can eat Korean food.

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There is also a kitchen truck in front of the store, selling a variety of take-out dishes.

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Ikokuseinikuten The Amigos GRILL & BBQ

At the Ikokuseinikuten The Amigos GRILL & BBQ, you can enjoy barbecue without bringing anything.

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Other Shop

Maker's Pier has not only restaurants and cafes, but also shops where you can enjoy shopping and shops where you can experience making things.


LAUNDRY TOWN is a shop that sells character T-shirts. You can also try making your own original embroidered T-shirt and drawing on a T-shirt.

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Towel Museum

The Towel Museum is a store that was born in Imabari City and carries a wide variety of towels and towel miscellaneous goods.

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Maker's LaboⅠ

Maker's Labo I holds manufacturing classes such as stained glass classes and kintsugi classes.

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Daiba Ghost School Nagoya school

Daiba Ghost School Nagoya school is a haunted house. You can choose from two types of scary courses.

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Ebisen Park

Ebisen Park is a shop specializing in shrimp crackers. You can purchase shrimp crackers made with seafood from Aichi Prefecture and all over Japan.

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Maker's Hall

Maker's Hall is a hall where various events can be held.

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Lives NAGOYA is a music event hall that can accommodate 1,300 people with standing seats. Music events are held here.

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Maker's LaboⅡ

Maker's LaboⅡ holds pottery classes every day. You can try your hand at electric potter's wheel, hand turning, painting, playing with clay, etc.

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Kinari Glass

Kinari Glass is a shop that sells glasswork and glass accessories. You can also try out crafting experiences such as Glitter Glass Crafting Experience and Dragonfly Bead Making Experience.

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GOSABURO is a store specializing in hats. Various types of hats are displayed and sold in the store. You can also try your hand at making a drawing hat as part of your manufacturing experience.

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(66)

Stained glass gallery

The stained glass gallery exhibits and sells stained glass. Also, as a hands-on experience in making things, stained glass production classes are held (held at his Maker's Labo I).

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(67)

Sample Koubou

The Sample Koubou exhibits and sells food samples. You can also make food samples as part of your manufacturing experience.

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(68)


anela displays flower arrangements produced by flower artist Mami Yamamoto.

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(69)

Sylvanian Families play room

In the Sylvanian Families play room, there are many Sylvanian Families dioramas and dolls that you can play with for an hour (charges apply).

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(70)

igsaw puzzle store Masterpiece

Jigsaw puzzle store Masterpiece is a jigsaw puzzle specialty store. There are many jigsaw puzzles on sale.

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(71)

Sylvanian Families Forest House

Sylvanian Families Forest House is a store that mainly sells toys for girls, such as Sylvanian Families and Aqua Beads.

Other Shop: Maker's Pier Restaurants/Cafes/Shops(72)

Sugi Bee Garden

Sugi Bee Garden is a shop that sells various products using natural honey produced in-house. We also sell honey drinks and honey-infused soto cream.

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GLASS WORKS ONDO (Maker's Labo III) is a workshop where you can experience glassblowing.

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