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"Aqua Toto Gifu" is an aquarium located in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture. We mainly deal with creatures that inhabit the Nagara River that flows through Gifu Prefecture and its tributaries, but we also see a wide variety of aquatic animals that inhabit rivers such as the Mekong River and the Amazon, and pirarucu, one of the world's largest freshwater fish. can do.

In this article, we will explain the attractions of Aquatotto Gifu in Gifu Prefecture and how to access it for those who are traveling to Japan from overseas.

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Highlights of Aquatotto Gifu

"Aqua Toto Gifu" is an aquarium with the purpose of being a place for environmental learning and a base for regional exchange. We exhibit and introduce aquatic animals that inhabit the Nagara River, which flows through Gifu Prefecture, the Mekong River, and the Amazon in various parts of the world, so that you can enjoy learning about the natural environment of Gifu Prefecture and river environments around the world.

There are 20,000 items of about 220 species on display, including fish and amphibians. In particular, the variety of freshwater creatures raised and exhibited is one of the largest in the world, making it one of the world's largest freshwater fish aquariums.

In the Amazon area, you can see one of the world's largest freshwater fish, the pirarucu, swimming leisurely. You can also use experience programs and participate in events such as nighttime aquarium viewing that you can't usually see.

“Aqua Toto Gifu” is located in “River Environment Paradise”, a waterfront theme park that coexists with nature. Adjacent to the Oasis Park, which has a Ferris wheel and barbecue facilities, and the Kiso River Water Garden, where you can enjoy playing in the water in the summer, you can enjoy a whole day.

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Address and access method of Aquatotto Gifu

The address of Aqua Toto Gifu is "1453 Kawashima Kasadacho, Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture". The nearest station is Kasamatsu Station on the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line. From the station, transfer to the Gifu Bus Kasamatsu Kawashima Line and get off at Kawsen Kankyo Rakuen. It's a short walk from the stop.

Attractions near Aquatotto Gifu

Several notable attractions are located near Aquatotto Gifu:

Gifu Park
Located in the center of Gifu city, Gifu Park houses Gifu Castle. The castle offers panoramic views of the city, with the night view being especially remarkable. In spring, the park is also known for its stunning cherry blossoms.

Nagaragawa Bridge
English: Nagaragawa Bridge is a beautiful arch bridge ideal for walks or cycling along the river. Nagaragawa River is also known as a habitat for storks, and you can see them depending on the season.

Gifu City Museum of History
The Gifu City Museum of History offers detailed insights into Gifu's history and culture. The exhibits are very accessible, and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults.

Gifu Great Buddha
The Gifu Great Buddha is one of the largest Buddha statues in Japan. Its scale and detailed carvings are truly overwhelming. There are also many shops and restaurants near the Great Buddha, where you can enjoy local meals.

Other information about Aquatotto Gifu

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